Coastal Living With Dogs

Summers for us have always involved making weekend trips to our family house in Cape Cod. Brandy and Moose have come to love the phrase “wanna go to the Cape?” every Friday after work. From morning walks down to the river for a swim, to boating adventures to relaxing at night around the fire pit in the backyard, it has become a place the dogs have grown to love.

Brandy has always been a water dog. She loves getting the zoomies in the marsh and then diving in to the river off the jetty. Moose, a snow dog, used to be fearful of the ocean but has grown to love it over the years. If the water is deep, he wears a life jacket. It helps him feel more comfortable and confident. Safety first!

We are also lucky that many of the bars, restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream parlors are dog friendly. Moose has become well-known at the local beer garden and always has a fun time getting the attention (and treats!)

Do you travel in the summer with your pets? If so, where do you go? Would love to hear from you!

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