“Dog Blankets” No Longer Have to Smell Like Dog!

As dogs are an important part of our family, wherever we go, they go. We keep blankets on the couches and on our bed so Brandy and Moose could lay with us, without getting their hair on the furniture. However, no matter what you do, the “dog blankets” have only ever been used for dogs, not people. Ive had the hardest time getting the stench of “dog” out of these blankets and always fear my house smells like dog hair. After washing with WIN Sports Detergent , the blankets smell super clean and fresh. In fact, they could be mistaken for being brand new. I am so happy to have found a solution to a problem I know many dog owners can relate to and wouldn’t hesitate having my friends or family use one of these blankets in the future.

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1 thought on ““Dog Blankets” No Longer Have to Smell Like Dog!

  1. I’m always afraid I am “nose blind” and that my house smells like dog.

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