Imagine the perfect hangout spot…

For me, it would involve being outdoors, having beers, a fire pit, live music, corn hole, and most importantly, dogs. This past weekend, I found exactly this.

Perks Coffee Bar in Harwichport Massachusetts is Cape Cod’s upcoming bar. The popularity has grown immensely over the past couple of years. It was a cloudy, gloomy day on Cape Cod, which meant the beach wasn’t in the cards for the day. My husband and I decided to check out Perks. The “floor” of the beer garden was ground up sea shells, going perfect with the Cape Cod atmosphere. There were outdoor games, such as corn hole, and a live band playng around a huge fire pit. The bar itself prided themselves on serving local Cape Cod craft beers. We found 2 seats at the outdoor bar and started to enjoy watching the Yankees and Red Sox game. After an hour, I decided to go home and get Moose. Sometimes bringing a dog in to a crowded public space could be chancy. You have to know your dog well enough to determine if this atmosphere would be good for him / her. Moose is very social with people, but gets anxious around other dogs. I thought that since there were no other dogs, he would be okay. And if one did show up, there was enough space to separate ourselves if necessary.

Upon arriving at the beer garden, Moose was an instant hit. I felt like a celebrity walking through to the back of the bar as everyone stopped eating to say hi or gawk at us. There is something about a big fluffy gentle giant like a Bernese mountain dog, that grabs people’s attention. We stayed for a few hours, met some great people and had the chance to socialize our dog.

If you are in the Cape Cod area, I definitely recommend you check out Perks Coffee Bar! 


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1 thought on “Imagine the perfect hangout spot…

  1. Sounds like a wonderful place for an evening out. Were the seashells ground up fine, like sand? I would think if they weren’t that they would have sharp edges that would be uncomfortable for a dogs paws.

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