The End of Summer

How is it possible that it is already August? Summer is flying by and I am trying desperately to enjoy every last moment of sun and sand with the dogs. Traveling to Cape Cod on a Friday after work is very risky. You could either fly down, or sit for hours in traffic. This past Friday, we decided to take the chance and make the drive. Although there was steady traffic, being able to wake up Saturday morning in the destination was worth it. There is something about being on Cape Cod in the summer which is magical. You truly feel like you are in another world – People walking barefoot down the streets with a red solo cup of beer in their hands, dogs frolicking through the center of town, live music at night. We are lucky to have a house in such a beautiful destination, and even luckier to have a boat.

This past weekend, we took the dogs out for a boat ride and eventually anchored off on a Chatham sand bar. There wasn’t a soul in sight. It was very peaceful. The second the anchor gets thrown, the dogs just know. The crying, barking and chaotic noises begin and we cannot un-hook their leash fast enough to allow them to jump off the boat in to the water. Brandy is always first. She swan dives right off the side of the boat and anxiously awaits Moose’s entrance in to the water. Moose, being a large non-water dog, is always hesitant but once he makes his way in, all his fears are forgotten. As you can see from the pictures below, both dogs had the time of their life and we hope to be able to do the same next weekend.

Here’s to enjoying every last possible minute of summer until the fall air rolls in!


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