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Dog Food

I wanted to take some time to share some information about the foods that Brandy and Moose eat. I always associated their stomach issues to “having a sensitive stomach,” however, upon switching to Fromm and Stella and Chewy’s, they’ve had no issues. In fact, their coats are shinier, teeth are cleaner and overall demeanor is happier. Stella and Chewy’s focuses on bringing a raw diet to your dog’s life. Their freeze-dried and frozen meals are safe, uncooked and minimally processed, which allows 100% retention of the naturally occurring nutrients found in the ingredients. Some of the benefits of raw feeding are healthy digestion, vibrant skin and coat and healthy bone growth.

For those that have a kibble their dog loves and aren’t willing to make the switch, Stella and Chewy’s offer “Meal Mixers” which are designed to mix with your dogs current kibble. This product is our favorite, as we still use Fromm grain free dog food as a kibble base.

Additionally, for snacks or to throw on top of the dog food, I add spinach, carrots, green beans and plain yogurt for extra nutrients.

Happy Eating!

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