Unexpected Snow Storm

It is hard to believe it is already February and Boston has been spared so far with snow. Friday, mother nature dumped 8-10 inches of snow on our city, unexpectedly, and made us realize that the Groundhog was wrong. It is hard to hate the snow because I see how happy it makes the dogs, especially Moose, who was born for snow. After the snow ended around 4pm, the clouds parted and the skies turned blue. We were lucky enough to be able to watch a gorgeous winter sunset. Now, we look forward to romping through the fresh powder the rest of the weekend!


After Brandy and Moose get tired from playing, Brandy and I head inside to warm up and we let Moose remain in his “element” in the yard to relax in the snow. Here he is, below, resting while the sun was setting behind him.





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