Saturday Morning Adventure

Boston has had an unseasonably warm week, and there is no sign of snow in the coming weeks. Today, we are taking advantage of the nice weather by getting out and about.

Our first stop was Dunkin Donuts, so Mom could fuel up. We always get very excited while pulling through the drive-thru because we know we are about to get a plain munchkin. We had to wait in the car while she ran in to Market Basket for a few groceries. We were so excited when she returned!


Next on our agenda was The Barkery. Located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, they are a specialty pet shop that bakes their own custom cakes, treats and has a self dog wash and grooming facility.

Mom wanted to pick up a few small house plants, so we stopped by Mahoney’s Garden Center. This place is super dog friendly! They always have treats behind the register and the employees embrace dogs when they enter the store.

Our final stop was Pets Plus, to pick up small training treats for Tuesdays dog class. Moose has been enrolled in Graduate Class at Blue Dog in Andover, Massachusetts. This class is for graduates of the Canine Good Citizen Program. More on this topic to come!


Mom loves being able to take us to the pet store as well as the other dog friendly places in our area. It is so important to be socialized and put in different situations. Later today, we plan to go for a long walk but until then … NAP TIME!



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2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Adventure

  1. What a fun day for your dogs. I love the one sitting in front of the flowers. I wish my little town had more dog friendly places. We have 2 that I know of: Lowes and Tractor Supply Company.

    1. Thank you! We’ve also heard Home Depot is dog friendly. We will have to check out Lowe’s too!

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