Meet Moose

Moose joined the family in December 2012, but it feels like he’s been a part of it forever. I’ve wanted a Bernese mountain dog for as long as I could remember. In fact, it was decided years ago that his name would be Moose. Moose was raised on a farm in northern Maine and transported down to Portland on pick up day. Since I got to sit in the passenger seat bringing Brandy home, Brian was the lucky one to be able to hold Moose on the drive home from Maine. I may be biased, but I think he was one of the cuteness puppies to every exist. From day one, he had an outgoing, goofy personality and I knew he was a keeper. Moose has always kept us on our toes – from breaking his foot at 3 months old, to his loud, vocal personality. He is truly a gentle giant and the best addition to our family.

Being a mountain dog, Moose thrives in the winter and can spend the entire day outside laying in the snow. He also loves going on the boat and playing on the beach in the summer time. At age 3, he finally gave water a chance and is becoming a good swimmer! Moose passed the Canine Good Citizen exam in 2014 and has continued taking classes, in hopes to become a therapy dog for kids one day.


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  1. When I saw his picture I said out loud, “Oh how adorable!” He looks so soft and cuddly.

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